Launching now: cost efficient SteelMaster 600WF fire protection

Easy to apply? Check. Cost efficient? Check. Environmentally compliant? Check.

Jotun’s new SteelMaster 600WF, an advanced thin-film intumescent coating, has been specially formulated to offer 60 minutes of sustainable fire protection for structural steel.

As a result, SteelMaster 600WF, which was developed as a reactive mid coat to offer full-passive fire protection but can also be used as a finish coat in atmospheric environments, is the most cost-effective fire protector on the market – with less to apply meaning less to buy, and reduced application time leading to reduced site costs.

Available worldwide now, SteelMaster 600WF complies with independent qualification standards as well as contributing to satisfy environmental standards such as Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) under LEED® 2009 and Environmental Quality (EQ) and Materials and Resources (MR) under LEED® v4. The fastest installed 60-minute waterborne intumescent fire protection on the market, it also is the ideal coating to lower VOC output in a cost-effective manner.

John Warner, intumescent marketing manager at Jotun Paints, explains that SteelMaster 600WF ensures customers get value for time and money.  He said: “Jotun understands the challenges and importance involved in manufacturing fire protection to the highest calibre.  As SteelMaster 600WF is both cost and time effective, it means customers have both the economic advantages, as well as environmental and aesthetic benefits as a result of not having to cover up or hide steel structures to provide adequate fire protection.”

Global SteelMaster projects already in existence include Cairo International Airport, Dubai Metro Station and Selfridges Birmingham. 

Manufactured in the UK, Jotun is a global company supplying worldwide.  For assured, eco-friendly and reliable fire protection where the results speak for themselves, contact Jotun.