Five things you need to know about SteelMaster 600WF

Five things you need to know about SteelMaster 600WF

Jotun’s SteelMaster 600WF is a specially formulated, waterborne, full EPA VOC compliant, thin film intumescent coating.

Developed by Jotun’s expert chemists, SteelMaster 600WF, uses a one-component waterborne acrylic thin film intumescent coating that has been independently approved for fire protection of structural steel when exposed to cellulosic fire. 

Below we give the top five things you need to know about SteelMaster 600WF. 

  1. SteelMaster 600WF can offer you up to 60 minutes fire protection for your building. 

    Specially designed as passive fire protection for steel constructions. SteelMaster 600WF is suitable for structural steel exposed to internal environments up to C3 corrosive category. As the most competitive waterborne offering on the market, SteelMaster 600WF, can protect a structure for up to 60 minutes without the need to hide cover the structure, letting the design shine through. 

  2. The new waterborne coating can achieve quicker application by airspray, for less. 

    SteelMaster 600WF has a lower thickness requirement which means a thinner layer can be applied to achieve a 60 minute fire protection. This not only saves time in application, but saves money, as clients don’t need to buy as much. Jotun’s understanding of the challenges and needs of their clients, with time and budgets at the core of the modern construction industry, led to the development of the technology. In addition, SteelMaster 600WF meets approved industry standards, is readily available and of consistent high quality. 

  3. It’s waterborne. And very, very green. 

    Jotun’s commitment to developing SteelMaster 600WF as an environmentally friendly, water-rather-than-solvent-based product alternative, has resulted in lowering the levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to the minimum. VOCs are harmful chemicals that give off gas causing damage to human health and the ozone layer. This means that when considering and choosing SteelMaster 600WF, you are assured that you are selecting the most environmentally friendly materials on the market. Reducing carbon emissions and not only helping the environment you are working in but across the globe. 

  4. It removes smelly emissions.

    SteelMaster 600WF smells less offensive than other products, as the environmentally friendly product is designed as a low odour coating. By moving to a waterborne product, SteelMaster 600WF removes the solvents from the paint and removes harmful odours that can be dangerous when working in confined spaces. 

  5. It’s available globally. 

    SteelMaster 600WF is globally approved to national country standards and delivers across the world. With 64 bases and 40 production facilities on all seven continents, Jotun is represented in more than 100 countries. Jotun supplies paints and coatings that have been specially developed for unique conditions. The SteelMaster range has been applied in key projects including Cairo International Airport, Dubai Metro Station and Selfridges Birmingham.