Unique Matt Finish

This unique first of its kind texture is subtle, soft, and matt. It will make your walls stand out! Lady Design Touch of Suede is well suited to be painted not only for a feature wall but on all your living spaces to add soft look of matt finish. It’s perfect for plush and dreamy interior. 

Modern & Tactile Expression

Carefully curated 80 colours that elevate your living space and add a luxurious touch to your décor. Express your style through a touch of warm colours, calming soft tones, and rejuvenating pastel tones inspired by nature.

Easy To Apply

Unlike other special paint techniques, Lady Design Touch of Suede can be applied with normal special-effect paint application practices. You can easily achieve your dream brushed suede effect with simple and easy steps.

Low VOC:

Lady Design Touch of Suede contains less VOC, which means it doesn't release harmful emissions into the atmosphere as other products. It has a lower odour and less impact on the air quality.  

Jotun Lady Pure Color

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At most of our retail outlets, you will find Jotun Interior Colour Centre. This colour tool presents 128 colours specially developed for walls and interior details, carefully selected by our colour experts.

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