REACH – A new chemicals regulation for the EU and the EEA-countries

EU's new chemicals regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of CHemicals) has now entered into force in the whole of the EEA (European Economic Area). Improvement of the protection of human health and the environment is one of the main objectives of the new regulation.

Other important aims of REACH are:

  • improve the knowledge about hazardous chemicals
  • increase the availability of information to the public
  • improve management of risks associated with the use of chemicals
  • limit and replace the use of the most hazardous chemicals that pose a risk
  • encourage innovation and development of less hazardous chemicals
  • simplify and streamline the current regulation
REACH will have an impact on a broad scope of enterprises – from large chemical industries to small companies that manufacture, import, use or distribute chemicals or articles. The new regulation also impose increased responsibilities on the industry when it comes to obtaining and providing information on chemical substances, managing risks and ensuring safe use of chemicals.

REACH is a comprehensive legislation and it will have an impact on Jotun as a chemical company. As a downstream user of substances and preparations, we are committed to meeting our legal obligations under REACH. As a company, our own efforts are in harmony with the whole of the European coatings and ink industry.

Jotun remain continuously updated on REACH and the requirements set at all times.

We work together with industry organisations and are participating actively in efforts to create guidance for the industry.

Jotun has also initiated a separate project to detect and evaluate chemical substances according to REACH requirements.

A standard letter has been made for communication with our customers and it provides information about what Jotun are doing regarding REACH.

REACH Standard letter